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Thursday, December 15, 2016

TubeQuizard Use YouTube to Assess Grammar and Vocabulary #edtech #wsdtech @tubequizard

The tool I got excited about today is called Tube Quizard. Briefly, students watch a YouTube vidoe that has subtitles and as they watch it they answer grammar or vocabulary questions about the words. My first thought was that it will be very engaging for students because they spend a lot of time on YouTube but my next thought was how powerful it would be for students to make their own quizzes. That way not only are they in charge of the game but they also have to be masters of the content in order to create a successful game.

The video below shows how it's used, although it's not really a tutorial, just someone using it. A student watches part of the video and follows along with the text. When they get to a blank they have to type in the correct answer and then check to see if they got it right or wrong, then move on through the video. Although the tool is not super flashy it definitely might get kids a bit more excited about grammar and vocabulary if it's based on YouTube.

What is Tube Quizard?

Tube Quizard lets you create interactive listening quizzes based on subtitled Youtube videos.
  • Boost your listening skills. Do you want to understand top frequency expressions and grammar? Using research into listening skills, we've created highly effective listening quizzes that will train you to understand real life pronunciation of high frequency language.
  • Understand Youtube videos. Is there a Youtube video that you want to understand better? Create quizzes for the video, do the quizzes and then watch the video.
  • Learn grammar and vocabulary. Do you want to practice specific words, expressions and grammar structures? Find them in Youtube subtitles and create quizzes based on the videos that you find.
And like all best things in life, Tube Quizard is absolutely free!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Upcoming Coding Nights #hourofcode #coding

There are two upcoming coding nights in the Wenatchee School District. Tuesday, December 6th at Washington Elementary and Wednesday, December 7th at Lincoln Elementary. Learn how to write code and make games.

Both events are from 6-7pm and tablets will be provided if you don't have your own. Lots and lots of prizes will be given away too! Come, have fun and learn a new to code!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Awwapp Collaborative Whiteboard #awwapp #ipaded #wsdtech

I heard about a collaborative whiteboard tool today called (A Web Whiteboard) and gave it a spin. My first impression was that it was very simplistic but also very usable. All of the tools that a teacher or student might need for a collaborative session are there. If you want to sign up as a teacher then you can share it to Google Classroom as an assignment or an announcement. The best part is that it is available on any device.

The tools included a pen, image insert, text, eraser, and pencil color palette. There is also a chat feature on the bottom which seems to randomize the names of the participants

You can use it for free, without a login and even invite others with email, QR code, or by sending the link.

A Web Whiteboard is touch-friendly online whiteboard app that lets you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to easily draw sketches, collaborate with others and share them with the world.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Save Notes on Websites in Chrome #gafe #addons #wsdtech #chrome #ourstickys

I love to use Chrome extensions because they make me more efficient and do cool things. One of the neatest ideas for an extension is Note Anywhere, which allows me to put sticky notes on web pages and when I come back to them they are still there. Pretty neat.

Another one similar to this I learned about is called OurStickys and it has a few more options that might make it my default web page note extension. OurStickys allows you to simply right-click and create a sticky note very quickly. It also allows you to make a sticky appear on an entire domain, for example, you could put a sticky on Then anytime you went a Google website that sticky would be there.

Like Note Anywhere, you can resize notes, move them around and change colors too. They are both great tools that could be useful for teachers trying to remember information or students doing research on specific websites.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Revision Assistant Google Add-on to Help Grade Ss Writing #gafe #gsuite

I saw this great Google Docs Add-on today that is geared toward teachers who are grading student writing called Revision Assistant. Both of my parents were newspaper editors so when I asked them to read my writing it always came back with marks and write-ups and suggestions galore. Sometimes I liked it, other times not, but I learned how to recognize the marks on my paper.

What Revision Assistant allows you to do is add those types of proofreading marks to students' work quickly and easily within their document. The window that opens up on the side has marks for Conventions and Structure with proofreading marks for about 20 different items including where to put periods, apostrophes, question marks, capitalization, as well as where to denote sentence fragments, run-on sentences, transpositions, etc.

One other nice feature is that any comments the teacher or another editor put on the paper get neatly dropped into a table at the bottom that lists who made the comment and what the comment is. If you are an ELA teacher this is a great, free tool.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Digital Challenge #21 Winner - Best PSA #ipaded

Congratulations to Madison from Washington Elementary for her public service announcement about texting and driving. She used a combination of stop-motion and Adobe Spark Video to let us know, if a very humorous way, why we shouldn't text and drive. She received a $`0 gift card to Blue Spoon Frozen Yogurt.

We also wanted to recognize our other three top entries from Freya, Teyo and Kolby about prescribed burning, not using tobacco and quitting smoking. All FOUR of these winners were from Ms. Christensen's classroom at Washington Elementary. Great job!

Friday, May 13, 2016

eBooks from Pioneer Middle School #wsdtech #wenatcheeschools #wenteched

Congratulations to Mrs. Wilson's 7th grade students who created eBooks but then went one step further. They took those eBooks to the elementary schools and taught younger students! Great idea and great follow through.

Check it out! We made books!!  Teams of 7th grade scientists from Pioneer Middle School in Mrs. Wilson’s classroom created books to help 5th graders learn all about food chains, food webs, and the cycling of matter and energy in an ecosystem (as aligned to NGSS 5-LS2-1 & 1-1). This book project was funded through the Gear Up SOAR Grant through CWU. All proceeds from the sales will go towards our next book adventure to bring science learning to a different grade level. Enjoy!

The Golden Pandas & The Return of the Bears

Squirrels & Survival of The Horses

Hedgehogs Take A Swim & In The Grassland

Alaskan River Cycle & Coyote Canyon

Antlers of Safety & The Clear Path

Brown Bear Hunt & The Little Springbok

Hammer's Adventure

Regaining The Sea Turtles

The Prairie dogs Home & The Lost Baby Shark

Rainforest Trouble & Home

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