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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Leveled Reading with News in Levels

A great website that's been around for a few years called NewsELA has current events in a leveled format.  That means that each story provides different Lexile reading levels so you can tailor what your students read to where they're at.  A site I just read about on called News in Levels aims to do the same thing, with a twist.  This site is geared toward English Language Learners or readers at a basic level, but also contains higher levels too.  The added bonus of this site is that each story and each level has an accompanying video that either shows the news story or reads the words to the reader.

Educational Benefit: If you are looking for leveled stories or stories for ELL students this is a good resource.  They also have a chat option to chat with students around the world and a Skype feature for video calling.

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