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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Quizizz for Real Time Classroom Quizzes #edtech #changingeducation #ipaded #wsdtech

Playing games in class is always a good motivator for students and gamification is starting to take root in a lot of classrooms because teachers are seeing that kids can learn AND have fun at the same time.  Imagine that.  Kids learn better if they're engaged and having fun and, more importantly I believe, that kids who create games for other kids get a double benefit.  Not only do they have to become masters of their content in order to create and administer the game, but they get immediate feedback and satisfaction from seeing their classmates play the game they've created.

I've recommended Kahoot! since it came out as a great way to deliver multi-player, game-show style games to students but I read a Tweet about today and gave it a shot and I really like it.  It's very similar to Kahoot! in that it has pre-made games available and it lets you create your own games, plus it also is a free service.

The teacher get the game ready and students simply go to and enter the code for the particular game, put in their name, and they're in.  The teacher starts the game and the fun begins!  Check out the video below:

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