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Friday, June 5, 2015

Use Notebookcast for Collaborative Whiteboards #edtech #ipaded #education @notebookcast

One of the best features of having connected devices is the ability to simultaneously work on a project or document at the same time, like collaborating in Google Drive.  I've always been a fan of collaborative whiteboards for a few reasons:

  1. they're fun and it's cool to see your stuff on someone else's screen
  2. they create a place where students have to learn to cooperate and work together
  3. they help create a collaborative environment
I came across one today called that is fairly simple not only in it's functionality but in it's ease of use.  Simply start a session, invite others via email or a code, and you're suddenly working together.  It has the ability to change the background, add images and shapes, and one of the best features...a laser pointer!  Here are some details from their website:

  • Real-time shared online whiteboard in your browser supporting up to ten users simultaneously
  • No need to install any software, compatible with modern browsers
  • Write and Sketch with you tablets PC digitizer or touch screen
  • Draw shapes or add pictures to your board
  • Integrated chat
  • Save your boards for later use
  • https secured connection

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