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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Digital Challenge #2 - Family Stories #edtech #ipaded #wsdtech

Our technology department wanted to design an extension activity for our 1:1 students that wouldn't require the teachers to put in any effort, but would allow students to stretch their brains using their devices.  The idea that came about was a weekly Digital Challenge, or a a way for students to use their iPads and do some neat activities and projects outside of class.  We're using Google Classroom as our delivery tool and giving students one week to complete each challenge. So far we've had about 150 kids sign up!

Our second digital challenge was modeled after NPR's Story Corp and we wanted students to use their time over Thanksgiving break to interview a family member about their favorite holiday memory.  They had to use a recording app on their iPad and submit it through Google Classroom.  The winners are below.

Digital Challenge #2 Winners:

Winner - Annalise "Pie" - Judges were looking for clarity, an engaging story and the correct time length, all of which this short story had.  Annalise interviewed a family member who told us about a Thanksgiving meal during his time in the Navy when he invited his friends over for dinner.  Listen to the story to hear the humorous outcome.  Annalise wins two Little Caesar's pizzas delivered to hear at lunchtime to share with whomever she wishes!

Photo of Annalise and Principal Brown

Second Place - Kalynn "Mariners" - She interview her mom about her favorite childhood memory.  An embarrassing dance contest and the Mariners were involved.  She won a set of earbuds and a stylus.

Photo of Kalynn and Vice-Principal Bucholz
Next week's challenge is to make a trailer using the iMovie app.  We are looking for exciting, engaging, inspiring, or otherwise great trailers.

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