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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Quizalize to Make Learning Fun @Quizalizeapp #edtech #gamification

There are a handful of really good online tools and apps that make assessing and learning fun for students.  The ones that immediately come to mind are Kahoot! and Quizziz and Socrative and I'm sure there are more out there I'm not aware of.  One that came across my radar the other day that I'm really starting to like is called Quizalize.  It allows you to create quizzes like the other ones do but also has some neat features that make it worth checking out.

It has a Team Game View that allows a teacher to see, or display for the class, where students are at answering the questions.  It shows horizontally which students have answered which questions and shows vertically where students are at answering questions correctly.  It divides the class into two teams so there is an element of competition involved too.

The Live Dashboard shows real-time results on how each student is doing overall and also lets you drill down to see which questions students struggled with, which I know Kahoot! does too.  After the students complete the quiz they also get personal diagnostics that show number of questions correctly answered, how long it took them, and how many points they earned.

Plus, it's free!  And, it also has a Marketplace where quiz creators can buy and sell quizzes they've created.  And, and, and it has Google Classroom integration so you can assign a quiz directly to a class.  Nice features all around and well thought out.  I highly recommend not only teachers using it but having students use it to challenge their classmates and demonstrate their knowledge of content by creating their own quizzes.  Oh, and it has Google sign in to boot.

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