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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Quizlet Collaborative Game Now Available #ipaded #quizlet

Quizlet is a great tool for doing flashcards and helping kids with academic vocabulary through games and study cards.  They recently released a beta version of a collaborative game that has some great features.  The new game can be accessed here and once a teacher logs in Quizlet will allow them to start a game and pull from the teacher's already created study sets.

Students go to and enter a join code and then enter their name and then Quizlet puts them into random teams to compete against each other to see which team can answer the questions first.  Two things set this Quizlet game apart from others.  One is that if a team misses a question they have to start all over.  Second, each team member only gets a certain amount of responses so one team member cannot dominate the whole game.  This is especially good if they're dispersed around the room and don't know who their teammates are.

The teacher can share their screen and show in real-time where each team is at in the race.  It's well thought out and very engaging for kids.

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