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Friday, March 25, 2016

Digital Challenge #15 Winner for Best Caption #ipaded #wsdtech #meme

This week's winners for the digital challenge "Create the Best Caption" is Esmeralda from Orchard Middle School. Students had to caption this image (or meme this image, as the kids call it these days):

The judges liked her caption "When the song comes on that you've been waiting for" because the baby had fists clenched in excitement. It was also funny because we knew that cat could not have been singing a very good song. Esmeralda wins a bluetooth keyboard to keep and use at school and at home! 

Honorable Mentions go to Hannah from Washington Elementary and Faith from Orchard Middle School.  And here are all of the entries.

This week's digital challenge is to create the most persuasive or argumentative video.

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