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Friday, April 1, 2016

Change AirDrop Download Location #airdrop #wsdtech

Since I use Google Drive for almost everything these days I'm either uploading documents, folder, images, videos, etc there constantly or moving stuff from my hard drive into the cloud.  Plus I usually manage all of my files from my Desktop so I don't like them landing in other spots, like my Downloads folder.  So today I went looking for a way to automatically move any files to my Desktop that found their way to my Downloads folder, more specifically images that I AirDrop from my phone.

I found the directions on this site (Note: I also had to follow Karen's steps in the comments to 'Show Enclosing Folder'). Do NOT be afraid of using Automator.  It's a great program that's easy to use and not intimidating once you play with it for just a bit.

I chose a specific file type, just a .jpg, so all of my AirDropped images go directly where I want them to go. If you have Google Drive installed on your computer you could point Automator to a file on your Google Drive and automatically have those images backed up.

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