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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Recap: See How Students Learn #recap #ipaded #edtech #wsdtech

I saw on Twitter today a few teachers talking about a new site/app called Recap (here is the iOS app) that allows teachers to pose a question to students who are then required to reply back with a video.  After playing with it for ten minutes I think it has a good place in the 1:1 classroom.  Basically, the teacher posts a question online and the students get a prompt in the app to respond to it via video.  All of the videos are collected and organized for the teacher who can then watch them individually or all in a row in a nice recap.

This is a great app because it forces students to explain their thinking using their voice and brain and possibly other manipulatives they can film themselves using.  It would be ideal for entry and exit tickets as well and I think it has appeal all the way from K-12.

Teachers can create their own classes and then students just have to enter a code to join the class. From there it's a few easy taps for students to find the prompt, record their work and submit.

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