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Friday, April 22, 2016

Digital Challenge #18 Winners - Best Nature Photo #ipaded #wsdtech #nature #photocontest

Digital Challenge #18 - Best Nature Photo

We live in a beautiful place. North Central Washington has amazing scenery and geography and we challenged our students to take the best nature photo and upload their three best. Congratulations to Digital Challenge #18's winner Ellen from Orchard Middle School whose photo of a yellow flower with the unfocused background captivated us and made us smile (a lot). We appreciated the line of rocks and beauty bark that centered the frame and the flower seemed to be like a sunshine in an elementary school drawing, warming everything up.

Honorable Mention goes to Holly, also from Orchard Middle School for her shot of the lilacs. Judges appreciated the contrast between the green and purple.

It was an all-Orchard podium as Jacob also wowed us with his shot of the tree and roots.

This week's challenge is to write the best newspaper article following the template provided in Google Classroom.

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