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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Revision Assistant Google Add-on to Help Grade Ss Writing #gafe #gsuite

I saw this great Google Docs Add-on today that is geared toward teachers who are grading student writing called Revision Assistant. Both of my parents were newspaper editors so when I asked them to read my writing it always came back with marks and write-ups and suggestions galore. Sometimes I liked it, other times not, but I learned how to recognize the marks on my paper.

What Revision Assistant allows you to do is add those types of proofreading marks to students' work quickly and easily within their document. The window that opens up on the side has marks for Conventions and Structure with proofreading marks for about 20 different items including where to put periods, apostrophes, question marks, capitalization, as well as where to denote sentence fragments, run-on sentences, transpositions, etc.

One other nice feature is that any comments the teacher or another editor put on the paper get neatly dropped into a table at the bottom that lists who made the comment and what the comment is. If you are an ELA teacher this is a great, free tool.

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