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Monday, November 7, 2016

Save Notes on Websites in Chrome #gafe #addons #wsdtech #chrome #ourstickys

I love to use Chrome extensions because they make me more efficient and do cool things. One of the neatest ideas for an extension is Note Anywhere, which allows me to put sticky notes on web pages and when I come back to them they are still there. Pretty neat.

Another one similar to this I learned about is called OurStickys and it has a few more options that might make it my default web page note extension. OurStickys allows you to simply right-click and create a sticky note very quickly. It also allows you to make a sticky appear on an entire domain, for example, you could put a sticky on Then anytime you went a Google website that sticky would be there.

Like Note Anywhere, you can resize notes, move them around and change colors too. They are both great tools that could be useful for teachers trying to remember information or students doing research on specific websites.

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