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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Screen Sharing via Messages

Note: you need Apple's newest operating system, Yosemite, in order for this to work.

Yosemite has some new "cool" features, including SMS relay, phone calls on your Mac, and handoff.  But one of my favorite features is Screen Sharing and it's built right into the Messages app.  If you've never used the Messages app, I highly recommend it.  It's a great, quick way to stay connected.

The new feature of Messages is the ability to share your screen (or control someone else's) and it's baked right in.  When using the Messages app on your laptop you'll see a Details button on the top right.  Click on that and if that person is also logged into Messages you'll see the option to either share your screen or request to share theirs.  It will then open up the Screen Sharing app and allow you to remotely control their computer.

This is a great for those who support others, whether they're teachers or family members.

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