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Monday, October 20, 2014

Word Clouds in Google Docs

Words clouds are great because they are a neat graphical representation of words and they also can show a teacher or student which words are coming up frequently in their writing or in others work, such as historical documents or speeches.  Now you can easily add word clouds or Tag Clouds, as they're often known, in a Google Doc if your document has more than 100 words.  Simply go to the 'Add ons' menu and search for Tag Cloud Generator.  Add it as an add-on.  I had to close the Google Doc I was working in and reopen it in order to get the option to show up.

Open your Google Doc, go to add-ons, and select Tag Cloud Generator > Create Tag Cloud and the newly created word cloud will appear in the margin on the right.  I've been searching for a way to insert this into a document, short of taking a screenshot of it and inserting it, but I can't find an easy way.

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