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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Use Class Charts for Behavior Driven Seating Charts

Class Charts is very similar to ClassDojo in that it allows teachers to track individual student's behavior and then see charts and data around that behavior.  Where ClassDojo seems a bit more elementary school focused, Class Charts could easily fit into middle or high school.

Here is a blurb from FreeTech4Teachers
ClassCharts is an excellent tool for creating online seating charts, behavior charts, and behavior reports. One of the best features of ClassCharts is the option to create seating charts based on behavior data that you record for each class. When you are viewing a seating chart in your ClassCharts account you can select the option to rearrange students manually, randomly, or based on behavior patterns. Create a chart based on behavior patterns simply move the behavior score slider to "cluster similar" or "disperse similar." See the screenshot below for an illustration of this setting.

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