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Friday, January 15, 2016

Digital Challenge #6 Winners #ipaded

Congratulations to this week's winner

Winner - Alexandria from Orchard - Judges were looking for a time lapse video that:
  • used the iPad to create an original time-lapse video
  • was engaging and interesting to watch
  • had a MAXIMUM time under two minutes
  • used background music that was either original, downloaded from a royalty free music site or used with permission from the artist
Alexandria's video of her drawing an anime character was very fun to watch and included very well-timed music.  In talking with her she said that was the first time she had drawn that particular character and it was inspired by a Pokemon character that she likes.  What we really liked about Alexandria's drawing was that it was an original piece.

First runner-up was Abby from Foothills who colored a fish with a great soundtrack to back it up.  We liked the music and the colorful fish.  Abby went a step further and got permission from Norman Greenbaum to use his song "Spirit in the Sky".  Great digital citizenship!

A few other videos that caught our attention were the Ethan's Rubik's cube and Faith's snowman melting videos.




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