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Friday, January 29, 2016

Digital Challenge #8 Winner! - Best How-to Video #ipaded #diy #wsdtech

Digital Challenge #8 - How-to Video

Congratulations to this week's winner

Winner - Monique from Foothills - Judges were looking for a how-to video that:
  • must be between one and five minutes in length (no short videos)
  • must show us how to do something
  • speaker is engaging and informative
  • video is easy to follow and clear
  • video may be edited to fit timeframe (don't bore the judges with repetitive actions)
  • (optional) can include royalty-free music, titles, graphics, transitions
The judges liked Monique's pacing, editing, use of music, and professionalism that she showed. It was enjoyable to watch and very well done. Great job Monique! Monique will receive her Apple ear buds soon.


Annalise from Orchard took second this week. The judges liked her very clear video that detailed the steps on how to make a light saber.


The judges enjoyed watching all the videos. This week's digital challenge is see who can take the best selfie.

Honorable Mention this week went to Austin from Washington Elementary for her knitting video. 

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