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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Use SnagIt to Give Audio/Video Feedback in Google Docs #gafe #googledocs @techsmith

Here is the blog post from Alice Keeler where I got my information.

Giving feedback to students is important and giving valuable feedback to students is crucial.  No teacher likes to write or type out feedback that a student doesn't look at or barely notices because he/she feels like they went through all the effort to give it and it just gets tossed aside.

Audio and video feedback, however, raises the bar and engages students more.  If a student can see their document and hear the teacher's voice guiding them through the positive things and what needs to be worked on, it can help the feedback makes its mark.

When students use Google Drive there has always only been one easy way to give audio feedback and that was through the Kaizena Mini add-on, and even that wasn't the easiest of propositions.  But today I read on Alice Keeler's awesome blog about using the SnagIt Chrome extension to create and leave feedback for students and it's very easy to do.  The greatest part about the extension is that after you take your screencast, SnagIt allows you to save it to Google Drive in a folder called Tech Smith.  It even copies the link to your clipboard for you.

Then paste the link into a comment on the student's document and you're set.  Give it a whirl!

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