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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Academic Help Site for Writing

I heard about this site from  If you are looking for a site that can help students with their writing then might be the place.  I've cut and pasted's review below because they explain it pretty well:

Academic Help is a great resource to share with students preparing for mid-year or end of term exams.  Middle school and high school students will find that Academic Help has tons of guides to help young writers.  Their website provides free writing guides and samples of different types of papers.  This includes examples of critical essays, narrative essay, application letters, and even tips for creative writing.  The resources on Academic Help are totally free and work for a range of age levels.
There is a section of Academic Help’s site dedicated to general writing tips and do’s and don’ts for each type of writing assignment.  Teachers can use the samples on this site as mentor pieces for a writing unit or direct struggling students to Academic Help for extra examples.
Explore their website to see how they can help students prepare for exams this year!

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