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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Flip for Flipboard

I am a news and information junkie and one of my favorite apps, and one that I always hit first thing in the morning, is Flipboard.  Flipboard gives you all of the news you want at your fingertips in a really great interface.  You choose the topics (like sports, news, financial, entertainment, rss feeds, Twitter) and customize the app how you want.  What I really like about the app is when you view content it's very intuitive and easy.  Just swipe between categories and stories or flip to read more when you're inside of a story.  The swiping becomes natural after you've used it for a little while.  If you're looking for a great way to integrate current events into your classroom, specific to the needs and wants of your students, Flipboard is a great avenue.

One great feature of Flipboard is that you can create your own magazines and flip stuff into them that you like or want to keep and read later.  Another neat feature is that other users can subscribe to your magazine, so anything you save can be read by them too.  This is a great feature for teachers who want to direct their students to specific content and it can be done quickly and easily from any device.

The real motive behind this post, though, is a great Chrome bookmarklet, or link in your bookmarks, is called Flip It.  This allows you to take a website that you see while browsing in Chrome and flip it into your Flipboard magazine with the click of a button.  See an article you want your students to pay attention to and have on their devices, just hit to button and it's there.  This is a great way to keep your classroom connected to what you want them to be connected to.

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