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Monday, December 15, 2014

Research (and Cite) Right in Google Doc

Update: There is also a Chrome extension that allows you to do instant citation from a website you are currently visiting.

The ability to do research right in a Google Doc has been available for quite a while but this weekend I learned of the ability to cite that research with the click of a button.

To access the Research feature simply go to Tools > Research and a window will pop up on the right side of your document.  Within that window you can search Google and use the little drop-down arrow to search for Images, Quotes, and other filters.  The neat part is once you find your information and insert your information via a link into your document you then have the option to press the Cite button.  Pressing that immediately drops the citation into the bottom of your document and puts a little superscript citation button next to the link.  This is a great feature for students and others who are researching and writing papers and can't remember whether they're supposed to use MLA, APA, Chicago or whatever else is required.

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