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Thursday, December 11, 2014

iPad to iPad Mirroring

Sometimes it's nice when you have iPads to be able to mirror what's on your device to your students devices so you can control what they're seeing.  A few examples of this may be if you're doing a presentation or a read-along and want to know students are seeing what you're seeing, like a PDF that you've marked up.  A new website I just found via is called

It allows you to upload a DOC, PPT, or PDF and then give your kids a code which allows them to see those documents on their iPad.  When you change pages on your screen it changes on theirs.  If you wanted to combine this with guided access you could lock students into an app and have complete control over what they see and do.  You can even schedule a presentation for the future plus there's a free iOS app, which worked a lot faster for me than having the students go to the website.  Plus, there's nothing to sign up for and you can import files from Google Drive or DropBox.

Since this only requires a device connected to the Internet you could do this with students in an part of the world!

Here's a bit from Preso's website:

Simply select "Open in" or select a file from either Dropbox, Google Drive or Box, and start broadcasting your presentation.

No account creation, no payments, no hassle. We don’t even ask for your email id! 

- Seamless real-time mirroring of presentations across any screen, over the internet or AirPlay
- Retina-quality graphics on the viewer’s devices
- Long tap to highlight a specific part of the slide
- Simply upload your presentation and share with anyone using a PresoCode/link
- Start a broadcast immediately or schedule it for later
- Safe and secure: Your documents are safely stored on the cloud and are permanently deleted 30 days after you upload
- Supports PowerPoint, PDF, and Word files

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