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Monday, January 5, 2015

MolaSync - Collaborative Whiteboard and More

I stumbled across a great app today that became free today only called MolaSync.  It's normally $5.99 and after playing around with it for a while I have decided it's great!  If you've used Explain Everything it's very similar to that app in the sense that it allows you to do pretty much anything, draw, type, add images and web browser clips, insert backgrounds and documents, add maps, etc.  Lots of creation tools.  But the neat thing about MolaSync that sets it apart from Explain Everything is that it's collaborative and different users can add content in real-time.

You can also sync documents with your Google Drive or DropBox (and other accounts) as well as export via multiple services like email, iTunes, and camera roll.

The main reason I love this tool is that it gives an infinite canvas for students to create with any tools they might need.  Give it a whirl and if it's not free anymore then request it via the WSD app request page.

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