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Friday, January 16, 2015

RefMe - Citation Creation App

I gleaned this tip from

Teaching students to reference material, especially in late-elementary to middle school, can be tough because they sometimes don't see the need for it.  They probably don't even think of where things came from except that they Googled it.  But to be good digital citizens we need to get our resources from free use sites or cite the correct sources, and cite them correctly.  That's where an app like RefMe comes in really handy.

The app works in a few different ways.  There is a login required which needs an email address, but the neat thing about having a login is all of the citations are saved in the cloud on the website.  So if a student doesn't have their device with them they can still get at their previously cited material.  Upon logging in and opening the app users click on the + symbol and then can add a citation in one of four ways:

  1. Search for a book or journal (title, author, ISBN, or URL)
  2. Visit a specific website or URL
  3. Enter an ISBN manually
  4. Hover over the barcode and use the built in scanner/code reader

For me, the last option was the most appealing.  I enabled the camera, hovered over a student's book and it picked up that book instantly.  Yes, it was Twilight.  No, it wasn't my personal copy.  From there I can save it and export it.  The export options are straight to my clipboard, via email, or to Evernote.  Remember too, that it's already saved to my online account.

Within the settings you can change which format you want to use (MLA, Chicago, APA, Harvard, etc.)  It's a great app that all students should use and all teachers should help their kids use so we're doing things as we should and giving credit where credit is due.

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