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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Voice Recorder and More

There are a handful of voice recording tools out there in Appville that allow you to record your voice or your surroundings.  The ones that I find most useful are the ones that also allow you to continue recording even while you're in another app.  This is handy for students who want to record their voice while demonstrating how to do something else on their device.  But as I said, they're a dime a dozen, or cheaper.

But one that came free today called eXtra Voice Recorder allows you to record too but then allows you to cut parts of your recording out that you don't want.  You can also add notes at certain points during the recording and even add images from your camera roll or directly from your camera (but I had trouble getting those last two features to work).  The beauty of this app for students is if they are creating a movie and need audio they can press Record and just let things roll and then cut out what they don't need later.  They can then export the clips via email, share over wifi and Open In...various other apps.  If you didn't get it while it was free you can request that it be put on your device by filling out this form.

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