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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5th Grade Virtual Showcase

Today was "try virtual stuff out" day.  In the morning we did a Mystery Skype and in the afternoon we did a 5th Grade Virtual Showcase between two of our pilot classrooms, Mrs. Brown at Lincoln Elementary and Ms. Christensen at Washington Elementary.  The goal was to show off some of the tools, websites, and apps that we are all using every day that we like.

We had two iPads, one mirroring through an Apple TV and the other mirroring through a laptop via AirSever.  We tried with Facetime but there was too much lag and it was very jittery so we switched over to Skype, which was a lot better.  The audio was tricky but next time we'll know to use the shotgun microphones.

Ms. Christensen's class went first and showed off their iPads with Keynote, Geocaching, NoRedInk, and NewsELA.  Mrs. Brown was next with coding, WeVideo, Edmodo and Math Duel.  The kids were excited, nervous, loud, jittery; exactly what 5th graders should be and we all learned a lot!  Both classrooms were buzzing and excited to look into what the other class was doing, which apps to download, and how to convince their teacher to sign them up for Edmodo!  Very fun stuff.

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