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Thursday, February 12, 2015

QR Codes at Westside

I stopped myself in the halls the other day at Westside High School because I saw some QR codes on the walls.  A quick scan took me to some YouTube videos from their talent show and a poll about their yearbook.  QR codes can be used very effectively in schools that are 1:1, BYOT or where a majority of students have devices.  They're not only powerful for delivering content but I think, more importantly, for giving students a vehicle to deliver content.  There's a certain excitement and anxiety about putting your work on the wall for everyone to see, not really knowing who's going to see it and how far things might go.

They're easy to create and you can link to any number of things including YouTube videos, websites, Twitter, telephone numbers, audio files, email addresses, to name a few.

A great site for creating QR codes is QRstuff.com

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