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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coding with MadeWithCode

I appreciate how the language of coding is starting to gain traction in the educational realm.  It's what inspired me as a kid not to write code and be a coder but to be interested in computers.  Coding has come a long way since Basic and a lot of the apps and websites out there rely on creating a game scenario and helping students to learn the login behind coding.  Much like a writer has to learn the rules of writing before they be creative, coding is the same way.

A site I have seen before but just investigated is MadeWithCode and it's designed and maintained by Google.  They invested $50 million dollars into the program with the intent of getting girls more interested in coding, showing them examples of female coders in a world that often makes men the scientists and computer technicians.  Having said that, it's not just a Girls Club and boys will enjoy it too.

It doesn't work on an iOS or Android device so get some lab time and let your kids learn a new language and have fun!

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