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Friday, August 21, 2015

Faster Customized Searching in Chrome #gafe #chrome #edtech

If your preferred web browser is Chrome and you use Google Drive as your work hub, then you need to know about this search shortcut.  Many times I can simply go into Chrome's Omnibar and start typing the name of a Google document and it will pop up and I can choose it.  I've found this to be an incredibly easy way to access documents I use often.  But sometimes that doesn't work and I have to dig around in my Drive to find it.  But waste time no more!

You can create your own customized Google search engines inside the browser for websites that you frequently search.

1. Open Chrome Preferences
2. Go to Search > Manage Search Engines
3. Go to Other Search Engines
4. At the bottom of that list are three boxes where you can add a title for your search, a keyword, and the website you want to search

Here are some common sites to cut and paste:
  1. Google Drive (enter your own keyword or letter):
  2. YouTube (enter your own keyword or letter):
  3. Twitter (enter your own keyword or letter):

Now when you go into the search bar you can type in the letter of your shortcut and hit the Tab key and you'll be searching whatever site you entered in there.

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