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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tab Scissors and Glue - Split Tabs #googlechrome #edtech #gafe #wsdtech

Last year I wrote about a Chrome extension called Panel Tabs that allows you to take one of your open tabs and separate it from the rest so you can put tabs side by side for comparison.  Today I learned about a different extension that allows you to do something similar but I think in a better way.  Tab Scissors takes the current tab and separates it from your current tabs and automatically puts it side by side with your other tabs.  The reason I like it better than Panel Tabs is you don't have to spend any time resizing the windows, it does it for you.

If you cut something apart you have to glue it back together and that's where the Tab Glue extension comes to the party.  It takes the tab you recently split and merges it back with the other tabs, nice and neat.  The educational part of me sees a teacher using this to easily multiple items with a class without having to constantly switch back and forth between tabs.  A presenter getting ready for a presentation could have their Google Slides on one side and presentation notes on the other.  Lots of uses.

The one downside, ironically, is that I wish the two extensions were glued into one so I don't have another thing littering my task bar, but somehow I'll survive.

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