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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Small Bytes - Short Tech Videos #gafe #edtech @NKeithBlend

I saw a retweet of some short tech videos and thought it was worth a blog post.  Many things today are becoming shorter and to the point.  Twitter is now referred to as micro-blogging and more and more we're digesting little bits of information and forming our own learning.  One idea I've seen floating around the Interwebs lately is what I would call micro-learning, or getting your professional development in short chunks rather than full day sit-and-get sessions.

These Small Bytes tech videos fall into that category.  Focusing on Google Drive, Slides, Docs, Classroom, Forms and other programs like AutoCrat and Nearpod, the creator offers up little bits of information that you can take in when you want.  Don't want to sit through a ton of un-information just to get to what you need?  Small Bytes will help.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, glad the videos are useful to you! -@NKeithBlend


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