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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Authors Who Will Skype for Free!

I am lucky enough to be at NCCE this week learning about stuff that is interesting to me and it makes me think, "How many times do we frame things for kids in class that aren't interesting?"  I know we have to teach our content but that doesn't mean it can't be exciting and engaging.  I truly think one of the teacher's main roles is to do take the cardboard content and turn it into art using their personality and skill set (and technology).  One thing our pilot teachers have been challenged with is breaking down or poking holes in their classroom walls to see what's on the outside and give their students an authentic audience.

One session I went to today talked about a resource that lists authors who will Skype with classrooms for free, which is a phenomenal idea.  I highly encourage the use of Skype to make connections and reach out to places beyond our peer groups, teachers, and parents.

Authors Who Will Skype for Free

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