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Friday, March 20, 2015

PowerV Word Selector at

Sounds fancy... but very practical.  In this era, having an improved vocabulary is a great way to close the achievement gap.  It allows students access to materials they might not otherwise have access to with their limited background vocabulary.

A tool I learned about at the NCCE 2015 conference this year was at  This tool allows anyone to look up a book and it identifies the lexile level of the book and in addition will build a list of 10 vocabulary words from the book that are critical for understanding.  What makes the tool unique is the ability to then change the lexile level to higher or lower and the tool lets you know how easily that student will comprehend the book and suggests more words at that lexile the student needs to access the text.  Very Cool.   Check it out by searching for a book at the top of

Here is a screenshot:

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