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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pyonkee - Another Coding App for Kids from Scratch

Coding is hot right now in Ed Tech and there are quite a few fun apps out there to get kids excited.  A few that come to mind are Tynker, Hopscotch, Daisy the Dinosaur, Kodable to name a few, and site like and

A new one I learned about today at NCCE is made by the same folks at MIT who made Scratch and it's called Pyonkee.  Here's their description:

Tired of consuming? Let's enjoy creating! Based on Scratch, Pyonkee provides a real, programming environment, anytime, anywhere!

Pyonkee is a new dynamic media for developing various ideas. By combining visual blocks, kids/adults are able to create original games, animations, and stories on their own. Through the programming process, we will learn about logics, productivity, creativity, and collaborations.

Pyonkee has been developed from the open-source code of "Scratch 1.4" from MIT Media Lab. Since Pyonkee is fully compatible with Scratch 1.4, millions of existing Scratch projects can be used for reference.

Pyonkee's user interface is optimized for touch interfaces. We do not need a cumbersome typing, even a mouse. Just program wherever you like. Pyonkee nicely supports pinch-in/out display, font scaling for small devices. Moreover, sound recorder and camera are provided for importing your sounds and pictures into the projects. We can mix various media on Pyonkee and program them.

Dive into the fun of visual programming!

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