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Monday, March 23, 2015

Use StoryCorp App for Excellent Interviews and Archive History #ipaded #edtech

There are quite a few apps out in appland that record using your iOS device.  But StoryCorp takes things one great step further by allowing you to put your questions on your iOS screen as well as a big 'Record' button.  This helps out students tremendously by giving allowing them to only have one thing to worry about while recording an interview and hopefully will make them a bit more organized beforehand.  The app is dead simple to use.  Just type in your questions, find your interviewee, press 'Record' and read the questions to them. You can additionally add a photo to save with your interview.

From there students can share their interview with the world and add it to StoryCorp's archive or email it to anyone they like.  The one thing I wish it allowed you to do was export it from the app or email the recording so students could use it in iMovie or another app like Explain Everything, but that's not the intent of the app.  Having said that, it could serve two purposes and hopefully they'll add that during a later update.

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