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Friday, March 27, 2015

Remind Introduces Chat Feature @remindhq #edtech #technology #ipaded

Remind is the best service around for keeping contact with parents and students and it keeps getting better.  They are poised to introduce their Chat feature which allows teachers to initiate a conversation with parents and students that they can in turn reply to.  Imagine a teacher sending out a message that says, "Don't forget the Math test tomorrow!" and a parent now able to reply with, "What chapter is this on?"  This is a big step for the classroom environment.

Students cannot initiate a chat and teachers can also pause or put in a timeframe during which they are unavailable so students can't be messaging at awkward hours.

This simple way to communicate gives students a way to communicate with teachers in a format they're comfortable with and used to using.  Students don't use email as effectively as texting plus it allows teachers to start great conversations about digital citizenship with students.  They can talk about questions like, "What is appropriate to text your teachers?" and "How should we all use this service to better our learning?"  Give younger kids a chance to learn how to be responsible with a feature like this vs punishing them for making a mistake they didn't know they were making.

Here is some information from Remind's blog

If you want to be on their waitlist go here

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