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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ClassKick - Watch Students Work in Real Time #edtech @classkick #ipaded

I learned about an iOS app called ClassKick last week and have been playing around with it since then.  The beauty of this app is that a teacher can create an assignment from a picture, PDF, web link, video, or draw their own questions and even add a voice recording.  Once they're done creating the lesson each assignment is given a unique code to pass along to students.   Once students enter that code they are taken directly to the assignment and can start to use the tools provided to answer the question or view content.

The beauty of the app comes is on the teacher's screen where he/she can view the progress of each student who is currently in the assignment and jump into it to offer advice in real-time.  Students can also virtually raise their hand to notify the teacher they need help or ask for the teacher to check their work.  My initial thought was this would be good for Math but then as I started to share this with teachers we saw other opportunities in almost any subject, like map work or art.

The developers have said the app works best with an iPad Air but that they are working on making it accessible for more types of iPads.  The other drawback I see, and one I've been in contact with the developers about, is the desire to NOT have to send a class code for every single assignment.  I wish there was a way to have kids enroll via a class code and then whenever you added an assignment it would automatically push and notify students.  That helps out a teacher's workflow tremendously.

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