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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Create Rubrics in Google Sheets - Grade & Email Results #edtech #gafe #ipaded

Many times Google Drive add-ons that I find do fun things, other times it's useful things.  File this one under useful (and helpful and wonderful).  Online Rubric is a Google Sheets add-on that allows you to create a rubric, enter scores for your students and then the results get emailed to them.  This is an ideal tool for teachers in a 1:1 setting or for a teacher who has students who have email addresses.

Like most Google add-ons, there is a wizard that walks you through the process of adding your students, adding your rubric with the number of points, categories, and descriptors.  Then you simply go to the Score tab, enter each student's score and then email the results.  In their email, the recipient gets the title of the rubric, the descriptors and their scores, nice and net.

This is a great tool.  One final feature is the ability to export/import a rubric, which makes it easy to share.  And sharing is caring.


  1. Hi! I have put in my students email addresses but it keeps saying that 0 emails are sent... I go to Addons --> Online Rubric --> Email --> Send email.

    They are all valid email addresses ( I copy pasted originally but when that didn't work I went back and manually typed them in) Any idea as to why this isn't working and what I could try to solve this problem? Thanks!

    1. Hi Larry, I tested it with a school email and a personal email address and it worked fine. I know that doesn't help, but the tool is working. I would verify 1005 that all of the student email addresses are working or better yet, test it with your own email address first. I think there is a daily quota that is tied to Gmail's restrictions so testing it with a smaller sample size might help. Also maybe delete the add-on and reinstall it to make sure you have the latest updated version. I know the developer releases updates often. You can also look at this Google Community as the developer is very active there answering questions.

    2. Also, check to see that you haven't already sent emails within a particular rubric. Once you hit Send, the next time around it will says Zero emails sent.


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