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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

GoFormative - Excellent Tool for Formative Assessments & Student Response #edtech @goformative

On Twitter today I came across a new (to me) tool called and after only about 10 minutes of playing around with it and watching some of their help videos I was hooked.  The tool is very deep, but here are the basics.  Teachers can create assessments from images, documents, PDFs, Google Drive, amongst others, and within that assessment they can add multiple choice, text boxes, and places for students to draw their answers.

After creating the assignment teachers can assign the test to students with a unique code or to an entire class if the class has enrolled, which is also by a unique code.  Students can access the assessment on any device.  It gets better from here.  Teachers have a live look into any students assessment where they can comment, grade, or just view each students live work. You can even toggle the names so their is no teacher bias when looking at who's doing what.

And even better, the results can be graded automatically or graded very easily by the teacher as the student is taking the test.  The thing that I really appreciate about this tool is that it does a lot of things and all of the things it does are valuable to teachers.  It's not trying to do too much and make itself a do-it-all tool, which gets annoying.

I highly recommend you check out their site and the accompanying videos that explain what it does.

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