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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Whooo's Reading - Interactive Reading Community #edtech #learn2earn #whooosreading #readathon @Learn2EarnOrg

As a former ELA and 1:1 iPad teacher I'm always hooked by services that claim to engage students and help them read.  I read about Whooo's Reading from Learn2Earn and was intrigued to see what it offered.  What Whooo's Reading gives your students is a place to have an interactive reading community.  It's very much like a Facebook feed centered around the books your students are reading and questions you want them to address while reading.  Students can comment and encourage each other to build reading success.

The free services offered will get you going as a classroom teacher.  The premium services, which cost about $5/month, allow you to give kids coins they can spend in the virtual store to modify their avatar as well as give diagnostics to teachers.

Here's information from their website:

Motivate your child to read every night, encourage them to write for their audience of classmates from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Students read books and log them on their personalized online profile.
  •  Each book read prompts the student to respond to a question.
  •  Students earn Wisdom Points(WP) to customize their Owlvatars.
  •  Students can share their reading interests and interact with classmates in a secure online environment
  •  Students can comment on each other’s book reviews and responses, which encourages them to always write for an audience.
  •  The teacher can make private comments to her students, so that certain critiques can remain only between the student and his/her teacher.

More Than A Reading Log

In addition to bringing modern technology to classic paper reading logs, Whooo's Reading:

  • Keeps students accountable.
  • Provides teachers with an easy-to-use tool.
  • Involves family members in their child's education.
Students earn Wisdom Points (WP) by reading, writing good answers to critical thinking questions, and more. Then students use their WP at the Owl Shop to personalize their Owlvatars!

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