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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Easy website for mobile.

Tonight is our 3rd annual Technology and STEM showcase at Wenatchee High School.

In the process of prepping for the event we wanted a "mobile" app for the attendees to register, get maps, bios, etc.  without any knowledge of programming a real app, Ray created a Google Site and optimized it for mobile.  If you keep mobile in mind and use 100% widths on your items, Google sites make a super simple great mobile site.  

The site even has the live stream from YouTube that some of our students are presenting from the event.

If you are a Google apps school or non-profit it makes sense to use the tools within Google sites to create these unique event sites.  The beauty of them is that you can so easily collaborate on the site.  Ray started the site and we both edited to get it ready for our event.

Google on!

Ron Brown

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