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Friday, May 1, 2015

Dictationary - Use Your Voice to Search Dictionary #edtech #ios #ipaded

Many times in the classroom setting a student either doesn't know how to spell a word and asks the teacher or they have corrections to make on a paper they've written.  But the trouble has always been that when a teacher asks a student to get a dictionary and look up the words the students still don't know how to spell it in order to look it up.  I've always encourage students to use the tools they have to do the task at hand and I know that if I didn't know how to spell a word the first place I would look is my phone or an online dictionary.

In the classroom one of the best tools we used for spelling words is Google's app because it has voice input.  Simply say the word and it spells it out for you.  Today I learned about an app that is free, that normally costs $1.99, called Dictationary which essentially does the same thing, but that's its only job.  Tap the search bar and instead of typing in your word use the microphone button and say it instead. If you are a WSD employee you can request that it be put on your iOS device by filling out this form.

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