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Thursday, April 30, 2015

iOS Apps to Access Google Drive for Audio Files #edtech #ipaded #technology #gafe

Students in our district store lots of files on their Google Drive, documents, presentations, videos, and audio.  But playing certain audio files doesn't always work.  For example, students who are listening to audio books on an iOS device that are shared with them or saved on their Google Drive can't do it if it's an mp3 or mp4.  We used to be able to use the gDrive for Google app but Google changed their API which essentially allows other people to write code to access the information on their site and now it doesn't work anymore.

There are also a handful of recording apps that allow you to play files but it's an extra step because you have to go into Google Drive, choose Open In, and then choose the playback app and download it.

But I found a few replacements that step in nicely and allow access to your Google Drive for playback.  File Hub is a paid app but the WSD purchased copies when it was free.  In order to request it for your iOS device you will need to fill out this form.  The second one, called File Manager, is completely free.

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