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Monday, April 13, 2015 - Get Free, SAFE, Properly Cited Images for the Digital Presentations @jmattmiller #edtech @StoryboardThat

In today's digital age it's very easy to find images for digital presentations.  In many cases, for the classroom setting you can grab an image from Google without an afterthought, knowing the only ones who are going to see it are your students for a short time.  But as more and more of what educators and students do becomes global not only is it important to find images that can be reused and repurposed freely, but it's also important to cite those images to give credit to those who took or created them.

That's where a site like comes in.  Not only does it search only G-rated images, but when you download an image it puts the correct citation on the bottom of the image so students don't have to worry about getting the format correct.  Furthermore, all of the images are from Flickr and part of Creative Commons and licensed for school use.

By using a service like you kill two birds with one stone.  You can teach students about proper attribution and citation and increase their digital citizenship all in one fell swoop.

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