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Monday, April 13, 2015

Slides Carnival - Free Google Slides Templates #gafe #edtech @jmattmiller

I was checking out Matt Miller's great site and one of his site recommendations is called Slides Carnival.  This site gives you a whole bunch of free, good-looking Google Slides templates.  You can browse the site and find one you're looking for and then open in it.  It will open in Google Drive as a view-only option but then you can go to File > Make a Copy and then it becomes yours and you can edit it to your heart's content.

The templates are broken down into seven categories (playful, formal, inspirational, creative, simple, startup, elegant) and in total there are about 30 to choose from.  This is a great resource to give students and presenters more choice than what Google has to offer.

You can also follow Matt on Twitter here.

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