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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Android Tablets at Pybus Market #edtech #pybusmarket #digitalclassroom

Congratulations to Mrs. Brown's 5th grade classroom from Lincoln Elementary in Wenatchee, WA for winning a grant that will allow them to take a field trip to Pybus Market.  I know Mrs. Brown has some great technology experiences ready for her students, including making QR codes that Pybus has agreed to leave up over the summer that give details and facts about the market.  What a great way for her students to reach outside of the classroom into the community and make an impact.

Here is Mrs. Brown's take on the reasons for the field trip:
"I am a 5th grade teacher who integrates STEM, one to one tablet devices and exercise breaks. I am a huge fan of Pybus Market. The feat of turning something old into something new, all the small local business and public spaces that allow us to enjoy our riverfront. I would love to take the kids to Pybus and look at the structural engineering component of the building as part of a STEM unit. Then work with the local vendors to have a "Taste of Pybus". Using the $300, I would work with the vendors to allow kids to have local cheese, smoked sausage, gelato and fresh fruits unknown to them. What a great way to expose students to the engineering and local business side of our valley. We have just completed our Beauty of Bronze field experience, which focuses on the bronze art along the river. We could then walk the riverfront to look at the sculptures we did not interact with on the experience. It is important to me that my students are aware of our local offerings beyond Taco Bell, McDonald's and the mall. I feel this would be a great way to expose our young students into future Wenatchee citizens that support local efforts to beautify and sustain our community. " 
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