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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

CheckItOut Google Forms Extension - Create Simple Check In/Check Out for Devices, Books, Anything #edtech #gafe @edlisten

I read about a great Google Forms add-on today on called CheckItOut.  What it allows you to do is create a form that allows the user to see which materials are available for check out and which materials they might need to check in.  For example, if you have a classroom library you could put all of your books on a form and when a student wanted to check one out they would visit the form, put in their name and choose the title and they're done.  Now another student cannot check that same book out until it's returned.  Plus, you get a handy spreadsheet of who has checked out all of your materials.  This would obviously work for any technology you have that students are able to use like devices, video cameras, or keyboards.

Once you install the add-on you simply click on it under the Add-ons menu to enable it.  In the first section you'll want to put a place for students to put their name.  The next section will be what material it is they're checking out, for example, Chromebook #1, Chromebook #2, etc.  The final section just leave as is.  Now when you visit your form you'll see the proper sections ready for students to use.  As said, this probably won't replace an entire library checkout system, but is a good alternative for small-scale operations, like classrooms or school-wide resource libraries.

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