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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Collaborative Magnetic Poetry #edtech #edchat #gafe #poetry @shakeuplearning

Collaborative Magnetic Poetry has been trending in the #edtech circles on Twitter for a few weeks and I finally got a chance to check it out.  Little did I know that National Poetry Month is winding down and luckily my daughter discovered Shel Silverstein this past week too.  So this post is very timely.

Collaborative Magnetic Poetry is a way for your students to collaborate around a shared Google Drawing.  When you make a copy of the drawing you get a template with a refrigerator and some magnetic poetry words on the side.  There are a lot of ways that students could interact with the document from here.  Students can collaboratively move the words around and come up with a poem or you could assign the drawing to one student per night, and thus fill up the whole month with one student per day.  Or students could create their own words and make their own poetry or even design their own background and create their own scene with their own words.  Lots of possibilities.

Here is the template

Image result for poetry

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