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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dirpy - Easily Download Video and Audio #edtech

I'm always looking for ways to get content from one place to another.  Sometimes the site you want is blocked where you're at or you want to make sure that even if you don't have Internet access that you can show a video or play some audio.  I've used sites like before and the occasional bookmark or add-on to Chrome, but one I read about today,, does a great job too.

In a nutshell, you paste the URL from a video that you want to download and then you have some options.  You can just download the audio as an mp3 in various levels of quality or you can do the same with video.  Then press the Record button and you're done.  I tried a YouTube, Vimeo, and TeacherTube video and they were all recognized by the system.  In fact, did a good job of grabbing some videos that weren't available using other tools.

Best of all is free and has no advertisements!  There is also a bookmarklet you can drag into your browser's bookmarks bar and when you come across a YouTube video you want simply press the bookmarklet and it takes you to and has the video ready to download.  Great tool!

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